Gift Guide: The Mrs. Box

The Brightstone, $75

Have you noticed that in movies, engagement ring boxes are unusually pretty?  Leather or velvet, maybe a dark blue, red, or green with a metallic trim.  It seems that real-life ring boxes have become less-than-memorable.

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The Monarch Double, $85

Enter: The Mrs. Box.  These simple, colorful boxes hearken the glamorous past-life of ring boxes and add a layer of femininity to an otherwise mundane storage piece.

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The Monroe, $75

There are 34 colors (as of the date of this post) to choose from and multiple boxes can be purchased at one time.  Perfect for wedding party gifts!  Especially since they can be personalized.

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Price: $75+

Gift for: Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Grandmothers

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